Rioni of Rome


The 22 Rioni of Rome

Each of the twenty-two divisions into which the central nucleus of the city of Rome is divided is historically called rione [Lat. Regio -ōnis; v. Region, English “district”]; this subdivision refers back to the fourteen regiones created by Augustus to divide the city. With the growth of the city, their number has progressively increased, and reached the current 22 in the 1920s. Prati is the last established district and one of the two rioni, together with Borgo, to be located outside the Aurelian Walls.

Here is the subdivision:

I. Monti, II. Trevi, III. Colonna, IV. Campo Marzio, V. Ponte, VI. Parione, VII. Regola, VIII. Sant’Eustachio, IX. Pigna, X. Campitelli, XI. Sant’Angelo, XII. Ripa, XIII. Trastevere, XIV. Borgo, XV. Esquilino, XVI. Ludovisi, XVII. Sallustiano, XVIII. Castro Pretorio, XIX. Celio, XX. Testaccio, XI. San Saba, XII. Prati. 


Click on the map to discover the location of each Rione in the center of Rome![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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